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The Okanagan Sustainable Innovation Group and Wheelhouse Ventures approached Colours and Shapes to create a permeant projection mapped installation for the Okanagan Centre for Innovation (OCI). The OCI is a groundbreaking tech and innovation centre designed to foster collaboration, innovation and mentorship among tech and creative startups in Kelowna, BC. At the heart of this bright and modern space was a spectacular 80’ tall exposed stairway in the central atrium.

Working closely with project stakeholders and Meiklejohn Architects, we designed a projection system built for long term use in this dynamic space.




To maximize the longevity and brightness of the system, we designed a custom projection solution around three high brightness laser light source projectors with custom portrait orientation installation brackets. This configuration allowed us to achieve a much brighter, higher resolution and lower maintenance final result compared to traditional methods.

A simplified media server and content management solution was built to prioritize stability, ease of use and flexibility for future development.

Finally, playing on the interwoven themes of natural BC beauty and innovation we produced a suite of content aimed at treating the stairs as a “digital waterfall.” A combination of digital film and rendered 3D content slowly evolve to transform the canvas through various iterations of this “waterfall.”

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The award winning OCI Opened in Spring of 2017 to an enthusiastic tech community. This one of a kind space shines with an equally unique projection mapping installation that fits seamlessly into the architecture.