Colours & Shapes



C2C Network came to us looking to take their annual event ‘Multiply’ - which had been more of a regional event that moved from east to west each year - into something that could stand on a national scale. They needed to redefine the brand and then comprehensively roll it out across all marketing & communication pieces as well as throughout the event itself.



Early Development

In developing a new brand for the event, we explored many variants that could represent the idea of multiplication in a way that was bold and simplistic. It was also very important that a cross be included in the design, which led us to further refine our initial concepts and look more closely at how the marriage of multiplication and the cross could translate visually. The final product is an identity where the cross is central; it is moving and active, breaking out of its container, expanding and growing in all directions.



As part of the marketing for the event, we developed a short teaser video as well as a longer promo video.



Once the brand had been established the other applications unfolded in a natural way. The components of the logo lent themselves to both the creation of a pattern, representing the idea of movement out from the source, as well as stand alone design elements.



The goal across all mediums was to roll out a strong, clear brand in a way that was intentionally minimal and restrained, not flashy and yet still iconic and professional. By placing the clean white lines of the pattern on a custom fabricated background we were able to create a backdrop that both effectively framed the event and did its job: remaining in the background and letting the content of the event take centre stage. The brand also lent itself well to various print and digital pieces with a minimal aesthetic that effectively reinforced the identity in multiple formats.

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