Colours & Shapes

Movement Day


Movement Day is a mosaic of leaders coming together to address the growing needs and opportunities in the largest cities of the world. Held annually in New York City, this diverse event pulls in high level leaders from the Church, faith-based non-profit circles and political and marketplace sectors to collaborate and share best practices. C&S has worked with Movement Day since 2013 to design, produce and execute this event.



Early Development

The New York City Leadership Centre (NYCLC) launched Movement Day to catalyze the incredible social change and marked rise in the Christian population that had taken place in New York between the 1980s and the early 2000s. We began work with NYCLC in 2013 to produce Movement Day that year, working with the existing brand and handling all event design and production elements. 


Design Process

In this first year we established the basically visual language of "nodes and networks" - a single point representing a single person, group or city. Each node was connected to form a vast network.

 In 2014 we strategically overhauled the entire event brand to better reflect the values and goals of the organization. The new brand embraced a decidedly minimal and modern ecstatic that leaned towards a younger and more diverse audience. We further developed the the visual language of a single node representing a unit for movement and change. We visualized each point moving dynamically along with thousands of other points as an elegant visual metaphor for large scale collaboration and partnership.

In 2015 we further developed the visual metaphor of a single point in motion. We envisioned a single line moving to form a line or stroke - literally the infrastructure left in the path of this movement. This visual metaphor unpacked the conference theme of "bridging the racial, spiritual and economic divide in cities" as the lines and patterns formed through large-scale movement illustrated a minimal icon set representing the diversity of city life.

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Movement Day continues to champion the cause of collaboration across traditional denominational and organization barriers for the sake of impacting the greatest needs in growing cities around the world. Core to this movement is a sort of "anti-brand" value that encourages individuals and organizations to lay down their own personal "brand" in favour of a greater cause. As such, Movement Day has effectively utilized the minimal design aesthetic we have developed as a way of pointing to a greater movement that involves many diverse groups.

This has led to launching Movement Day Global Cities - a event welcoming 3,000 leaders from around the globe that scaled a single day event for North American city leaders to a week long event that gathers leaders from cities around the world.