Colours & Shapes


GMA / Covenant Awards


We have enjoyed a 5 year partnership with the Gospel Music Association of Canada and the Covenant Awards - celebrating the best in Canadian Christian Music. The Covenant Awards are now coming into their 38th year and have evolved over the last 37. Colours & Shapes came on board in partnership with the Covenant Awards back in 2011. Our inaugural year focused on helping add production value to an awards banquet for 300 people - held in a small venue in Calgary. Following that year, we wanted to see the event grow and develop further, so we negotiated a partnership with CTS TV in Burlington to secure a Canadian television broadcast for the next 4 years.



Early Development

The transition to broadcast was one of trying to achieve great production value while continuing to build the Covenant Awards into something that could become a tool and platform for the artists involved. We produced the 34th and 35th annual awards inside the TV studios Crossroads - the home of 100 Huntley Street - in Burlington, ON.


Next Steps

Following our 2 years in Burlington within a TV studio environment, we then made the move west to Vancouver. This decision to move was driven by the desire for greater levels of flexibility in continuing to build and grow the event. At the same time, we worked closely with the leadership of GMA Canada on an exploration and redefinition of what their mission and goals were as an organization. This extremely useful process really helped refine ‘why’ they exist and distill it down into something that was a better representation of who they wanted to be as they looked ahead into the future. This vision was rolled out in a video piece that also functioned as the primary promo / communication piece for the event itself.



As this new vision was rolled out throughout the 36th Annual Awards we also wanted to introduce the concept of “landscape” - a new landscape for GMA Canada as an organization, but also highlighting the beauty of the Canadian landscape and the wonderful diversity of the Canadian Artists from across the country. This theme was realized through set design, the event visuals and even the awards themselves, which were hand crafted from Canadian Walnut.


The Future

We have since helped facilitate to a transition from a televised awards show to a non televised banquet and a televised multi artist worship concert in the events’ 37th year. This was the strategic next step for the organization as they continue to build on their new values and mission into the future.